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Las Palmas Lodge received its Dispensation in April of 1905 and was granted its Charter when the California Grand Lodge met in October of that year.  Unfortunately, the minutes of meetings from 1905 have been lost.  The earliest Lodge minutes start in January of 1906.  In order to learn more about the history of Las Palmas Lodge and its founding members, I read all of the Lodge minutes from January 1906 through December of 2005.  It is from these minutes, and my own memory, that I have been able to write my monthly column entitled "From the Archives".  Most stories are presented in a loose chronological order.  Richard W. Frey, PM.


May--First Story

June--Charter Members

July--Early Members

August-- 1976 Our Bicentennial Year

September--Membership and Salaries of Secretary, Organist and Tiler

October--Early Technology

November--WW I and Las Palmas  part 1

December--WW I and Las Palmas  part 2


January--Masonic baseball games to raise money for Red Cross

February--Old time Masonic Funerals, A brother who helped with a Lodge in Germany during WW I

March--Black cube in the ballot box

April--Las Palmas grows, Masonic Trowels, Masonic Club Houses at UC Berkeley and UCLA

May--Visit from our local Congressman, calling down for a proficiency, Life Membership

June--Members named after famous people 

July--Roll Call Meeting

August--Quartettes to sing at Masonic funerals, Lodge Charity at Christmas

September--Hiram Award

October--Greeting the new Master, guest speakers at Lodge

November--Candidate's Occupational Degree Team

December--The Great Depression and Lodge finances


January--Imposters posing as Masons and Las Palmas representative at dedication of George Washington Memorial

February--Steam Roller Talk

March--The Great Depression, French First Degree

April--New form for Masonic Funerals, Stereopticon slices for First Degree Lecture

May--Investing Lodge funds during the depression, serving a dinner before the Stated Meeting

June--WW II years

July--WW II years continued

November--WW II part 2, Las Palmas is getting busy

December--WW II part 3, The busiest years of Las Palmas



January--The Post WW II Years part 1

February--The Post WW II years part 2 and the beginning of Ponderosa Lodge

March--The Post WW II years part 3

April--Masonic Blood Bank and acquiring land for a new Temple

May--Changes in ritual and our 50th Anniversary

June--Problems with the old Fresno Masonic Temple and progress report on building a new joint Temple

July--The formation of Sierra Lodge in Oakhurst, Funding the joint Masonic Temple

August--Past Master Dee Moyers and his wife deed land for our own Masonic Temple

September--Raising money for our new Temple and Ground Breaking

October--Excerpts from 1942 to 1945 Las Palmas Trestleboards

November--Cemetery plots available to members and their families

December--The end of Las Palmas's tenancy in the old Masonic Temple



January--The opening of our New Temple

February--A dark part of Las Palmas history

March--Problems selling our stock in the old Masonic Temple

April--The failed attempt to build a joint Masonic Temple

May--Why there was a failed attempt at a joint Masonic Temple and why Las Palmas built its own Temple

June--Why there had not been a Grand Master from the Fresno area in several decades

July--Las Palms was getting plenty of candidates and the other local Lodges were not so fortunate

August--Old Masonic Temple sold, but no money for Las Palmas

September--Las Palmas thrives in our new Temple

October--Hard feelings between Las Palmas and the members of other local Lodges over no payment from sale of old Temple

November--Lodge Mortgage Burning Ceremony

December--Las Palmas is busy in the 1960's



January--My introduction to Masonry and Las Palmas

March--Joining Las Palmas Lodge

April--My application process with Las Palmas

May--Our two Grand Masters and what Las Palmas was like in 1967

June--Changes in the election of Lodge officers

July--Leonard "Len" Gottner, our Senior Past Master

August--Bud Pope PM

September--Dinner with our Dates on Valentines Day and I get my 3rd Degree

October--Masonic Bible given after passing 3rd degree proficiency

November--Weekly visitation committee reports

December--How your dues are used by the Lodge



January--February--A letter from 1968 Master, Len Gottner

March--What it costs to keep Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge running

April--Brother John Reynolds, PM

May--How degrees were conferred 50 years ago

June--Retirement of Inspector Sam Dollar and Grand Lodge Annual Meeting

December--My Installation as Marshall



January--James C Clark, our Secretary for many years

February--1973--My first year in the Officer's Line as Marshall 

March--Candidate's proficiencies in the late 1960's and early 1970's

April--Activities at Las Palmas in 1973

May--Changing of the Guard from 1973 to 1974

June--Bob Paden, Las Palmas Secretary from 1974 to 1987

July--Rachel Browne, our guest at the Masonic Homes and other Lodge activities in 1974

August--Making room for our "Perfect Attendance" school bike give-away

September--Las Palmas-Ponderosa Burial Plots

October--Life Memberships and death of PM Lee French

November--Death of PM Bobby Bingham and PM Ray Shilling



January--Politicians and Masonry

February--Activities at las Palmas in 1975

March--Our Public Schools

April--The Spanish Flu of 1918-19 and COVID-19 and Las Palmas Lodge

May--Las Palmas in 1975 & 1976

June--Covid 19 and prior flu epidimics

July--No in person Lodge meetings or degrees

August--More of Las Palmas in 1975 & 1976

September--Problems with Entered Apprentice Masons advancing

October--Brother Lawrence Myers and Brother John Herring PM

November--Active members and their assigned duties at Las Palmas Lodge

December--Printed Masonic membership rosters and Fresno Lodge's centenial celebration



January--1979 Layman's Night

February--My 1980 Installation

March--Marvin Wallace PM

April--The first candidate I obligated--Ray Mitsch

May--Las Palmas activities during spring to fall of 1980

June--Las Palmas 75th Birthday Party

July--Masonic Funeral for Marvin Wallace PM

August--Summary of my year as Master of Las Palmas Lodge

September--Hiram Award

October--1981 Lodge Activities

November--1981 Lodge Activities

December--LP opens up after being closed for Covid Pandemic



January--The start of our yearly Chinese Dinner

February--Our 1982 Installation of Officers and Brother Sam Marko Pavlovich, PM (1967)

March--Have you ever sat in Lodge with a Famous Person

April--The impact of Covid-19 on Las Palmas Lodge and Masonry

May--Larry Bennett PM

June--Visiting an out of state Lodge and our officer's line appointments

July--Las Palmas Lodge in 1983

August--Lodge Disasters and our Distressed Worthy Brothers

September--Covid 19 and LPP's recovery from the Pandemic

October--Temple kitchen remodel in 1983 and Masonic tenants in our Temple

November--Common Courtesy

December--Resurecting Past Master's Night



January--How lucky we are to be at Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge

February--Las Palmas Lodge and what it was doing in 1950

March--The tragic loss of our Marshall Joshua Crane and problems with the Third Thursday for our Stated Meeting

April--Some of the tennents of Free Masonry  and the world has not changed much in 39 years

May--Dues increase and Layman's night

June--1985 Summer activities at Las Palmas



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