Clovis Lodge No. 417 Past Masters

1985 - 2014

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19851985 Wayne Paul Adams  (1937 - 2019) Brother Adams petitioned Clovis Lodge for the degrees of Masonry in 1978.  





1986 1986 David Eugene Campbell Brother Campbell received the degrees of Masonry in Henry S. Orme Lodge (consolidated with Golden Gavel No. 445) in 1978.  In October of 1981 he applied for affiliation with Clovis Lodge.

In his application for affiliation, Brother Campbell indicated that he was a Bank Manager.

The last correspondence form Brother Campbell (2000) was from East Liverpool, Ohio, the place of his birth.


19871987  James Harold Russell Brother Russell petitioned Clovis Lodge for the Degrees of Masonry in March of 1981.  He was initiated on April 23, passed on September 14 and raised on November 5, 1981.

In his application he indicated that he was an automotive machinist.  His job was to rebuild engines. 



19881988 Alan B. Burnham  Brother Burnham petitioned Clovis Lodge for the Degrees of Masonry in 1973.  At the time of his application he indicated that he had been working for Southern California Edison Co. in Big Creek for several years.





19891989 James Jacob Marshall  (1935 - 2022)




19901990 Daniel Lee Pearce




19911991 Ralph Thomas Enloe Jr. (1927 - 2005) 158254185 Brother Enloe was raised in Selma Lodge No. 277 on February 17, 1965.  He obtained plural membership with Clovis Lodge in November of 1985. Ralph served on the West Coast and in the Pacific Theatre for the U.S. Navy from November 1944 until April 3, 1948. He was a Third Class Petty Officer at this time of his discharge.

He taught for Fresno Unified School District from 1958 until his retirement in 1985. The schools that he taught at were Edison HS, Irwin Jr. HS, and Fresno High School where he taught biology, ecology and oceanography.

He was the Lodge Secretary from 1992 - 1996 and was appointed the Inspector for the 293rd Masonic District from 1993 to 1995. He was also active in other Masonic organizations.  Ralph's father was also a member of Clovis Lodge.

In his retirement he taught older adults physical fitness and physical tune-up for Clovis Adult school.


1992_19961992 & 1996 David Harvey Hodges (1939 - 2008) Brother Hodges received the Degrees of Masonry in Pacific Grove Lodge No. 331.  He was Master of this Lodge in 1978 and 1983.  In October of 1988 he petitioned Clovis Lodge for affiliation.

In addition to serving Clovis Lodge as its Master in both 1992 and 1996, he was also the Master in 2006 of Howard Lodge No. 37 in Yreka, CA. 




1993 1993 Frank Lee Gann (1927 - 2013) 115740409 Brother Gann was initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason on June 11, 1957, passed on September 10 and raised on October 15, 1957 in Sanger Lodge No. 316.  Brother Gann affiliated with Clovis Lodge in 1972 as a member of both Sanger Lodge No. 316 and Kern River Valley Lodge No. 827. At the time of his affiliation with Clovis Lodge, he listed his occupation as "Station Chief, Hydro Power Plant Edison Powerhouse No. 3, Auberry, California".

In 1998 Clovis Lodge presented him with the Hiram Award. 

In 2003 he became a dual member with Savanah Lodge No. 102 in Tennessee.  He died in Bakersfield, California.


1994_20031994 & 2003 Douglas Norman Cairns  (1925 - 2017)  176003522  Brother Cairns was raised on July 22, 1954 in Redondo Beach Lodge No 325 as a courtesy for the Grand Lodge of New York. In 1968 he served Anaheim Lodge No. 207 as its Master.  He affiliated with Clovis Lodge in 1982. 

Brother Cairns had a PhD and was an industrial design engineer.

In 1999 he was awarded the Hiram Award.  In 2002 our Grand Master appointed him Special Envoy in the Grand Lodge of Ancient Freemasons of Russia on his visit to the Russian Grand Lodge.


19951995 Randy Alvin Bachman (1944 - 1999) 76992476 Brother Bachman received the Degrees of Masonry in Hawthorne Lodge No. 647 in 1978.  He later affiliated with Redondo Lodge No. 328 and held a life membership in this Lodge.  He took a Demit from Clovis Lodge in 1998.

In his application for affiliation, he indicated that he was employed in the pest control business and in particular termite control.



19971997 Steven Alan Chase





19981998 Jordan C. "Red" Morse  (1933 - 2018) 195076800




19991999 LeRoy Joseph Foote  (1939 - 2022)  Brother Foote petitioned Clovis Lodge for the Degrees of Masonry in 1993.  He was a veteran of the U.S. Army.  He listed his occupation as Electronic Technician.  He worked for the United States Geological Department.  In 2015 he received the Communications Award for Excellance in Public Communications and was a recipient of the Hiram Award.




200_2006_20132000, 2006 & 2013 Bryan Keith Kincade  Brother Kincade was elected Secretary of Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge in November, 2018.





20012001 Delaine Norman Bradway Brother Bradway received the Degrees of Masonry in Fresno Lodge No. 247 in 1995.  He affiliated with Clovis Lodge in 1997 and in 1998 he took a demit from Fresno Lodge. 

In 2009 he demitted from Clovis Lodge and became a member of Sanger Lodge and then returned to Fresno Lodge before returning of Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge in 2023.

He is retured from  his own heating and Air Conditioning Business.


20022002 James M Cummings




2004 20122004 & 2012 William H. "Bill" Lyons  Brother Bill was an active member of Las Palmas before the consolidation in 2015.  Brother Bill was elected to serve as Master of Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge for the 2024 Masonic year.  He will be the first member to serve as Master of both Clovis and Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodges.





20052005 Glenn Mark Stewart (1942 - 2012) 84257577 Brother Steward received the Degrees of Masonry in Las Palmas Lodge in 1982.  He then affiliated with Guadalupe Lodge (now Central Coast Lodge) No. 237 and on June 12, 2003, he applied to Clovis Lodge for affiliation.

He joined the U.S. Air Force following high school and served a tour in Hawaii. After the military, he lived in Santa Maria and worked as an electronics technician at Vandenberg Air Force Base. He retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserves as a Master Sergeant.

He took a Demit from Clovis Lodge on December 31, 2010.


20072007 Chad Douglas Warshel was raised a Master Mason in Gresham Lodge (Gresham, OR) in 1997. While he was an officer at Clovis Lodge, he was a chiropractor.  He is now a member of Pocohontas Lodge in Seneca Falls, NY and is a college professor.





2008 20092008 & 2009 David Cunha  Brother Cunha petitioned Clovis Lodge for the Degrees of Masonry in 2003.  He served as the district Inspector for several years.





2010 20112010 & 2011 Ron Gadberry  Brother Gadberry petitioned Clovis Lodge for the Degrees of Masonry in 2006.  He listed his occupation as printer.





20142014 Mike Tyrcha   (1954 - 2016)  169100855  Brother Tyrcha was the last Master of Clovis Lodge.  He facilitated the consolidation of Clovis Lodge with Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge in January, 2015.

For the 2016 Masonic year, Brother Tyrcha was the Senior Warden of Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge.  His goal was to be the first, and perhaps only, person to serve both Lodges as Master.  Unfortunately, death took him before he could accomplish this goal.

Brother Tyrcha was an accountant by trade.


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