Do you like meeting new friends? Do you like doing fun things? Do you like helping others? Job's Daughters is a great place to do all that and more!

Job's Daughters is an organization for young women just like you. We can help you learn important skills for life, such as leadership, organization, teamwork and self reliance. We work to help our community. We honor a rich tradition and heritage that has been a part of Job's Daughters since 1920. But most importantly, we want you to have fun doing the things you like to do.

Job's Daughters

Job’s Daughters Bethel # 49

Job’s Daughters International

MEETING DATES – The 1st and 3rd Mondays of

the month at 7:30 PM  at the Fresno Masonic Center.

CONTACT: Jayne Harmon @ 299-4385


April 2016 

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