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Since the beginning of modern Free Masonry, the greatest honor a Lodge can give to a fallen brother is a Masonic Funeral.  The California Masonic Grand Lodge has a funeral ritual and requires all Masons who deliver it to be certified by their local inspector.  Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge has several Past Masters who are currently certified to give the Masonic Funeral.

The California Masonic Funeral is approximately 10 minutes in length so it is long enough to “stand alone” and yet short enough to be given in conjunction with a minister’s service.  There are places in our service for a eulogy as well as music.  The service can be given as a Memorial Service, as a traditional funeral service or a graveside service.  If there is a traditional funeral, it can also be split between the funeral chapel, or church, and the graveside.

Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge does not charge for giving a Masonic Funeral and will work with the family desires as to place and time.  If the funeral service is out of our area, we may request another Masonic Lodge to provide the service as a courtesy.

To request a Masonic Funeral, simply call the Lodge Secretary at (559) 268-2303.  The earlier that we know of the passing of a member, the easier it will be to work out these important details. 



When a man is initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason, he is given a lambskin apron as a badge of a Mason.  He should also wear this apron when he receives his second and third degrees.  After that, he will normally wear a cloth apron when attending Lodge.  His personal lambskin apron is usually stored in a tube in his home.  When he dies, it is appropriate for his lambskin apron to be placed on his body whether he is buried or cremated.



Our current Masonic Funeral Ritual was adopted in 1955, and, except for minor floor work revisions, has remained unchanged.  Click HERE to view the current California Masonic Funeral.

The earliest California Masonic Funeral Ritual that we have been able to find was published in a 1902 version of a public ritual book.  It is unknown when this version of the funeral ritual was first adopted.  Click HERE to view this ritual used up until 1929.

When the California Grand Lodge met in 1929 it adopted a new Masonic Funeral Ritual.  Click HERE to view this ritual.

When the California Grand Lodge met in 1946 it adopted a newer Masonic Funeral Ritual.  Click HERE to view this ritual that was used until the current ritual was adopted in October of 1955.

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