In the past, it was not uncommon for a Lodge, or several Lodges, to own a Masonic Cemetery.  This practice was never started in Fresno.  At the best, several of the local cemeteries had designated “Masonic sections.”  Several years ago, we discovered that in 1935 Las Palmas Lodge purchased a number of gravesites in Mountain View Cemetery.  To create our own Lodge burial plot, we have erected a large granite marker and designated spaces for the burial of the cremated remains of our members and their spouses.

At the time of need, there is no charge for this space, other than what the cemetery charges for the vault and opening and closing fees.  (Since the ashes will be placed in a separate vault, no additional urn is necessary.)   A large above ground name marker was purchased by our Lodge in 2019 and has the names of those who are interred in this sacred plot.

name marker


The Lodge also set up a procedure for reserving a space at a cost of $150.  If you need a space now, or want to reserve one for the future, or have questions, call the Lodge Secretary at (559) 268-2303.

If you desire a traditional casket funeral, the Lodge has for sale, at severely discounted price, several burial plots available at both Mountain View Cemetery, Belmont Memorial Park and Fresno Memorial Gardens.  For answers to your questions, call the Lodge Secretary.


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