Since 1993 , Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge No. 366 has sponsored a Public School Bicycle Give-away Program for Wilson Elementary and Powers-Ginsburg Elementary schools in Fresno for students who completed the school quarter without any absences or tardiness.  It continues today with members Richard Ehorn (chairman), Charles S. Bersani P.M., Bill Lyons P.M., Joshua Crane, Chris Guillen and Richard Frey P.M.


This program was developed to encourage students to attend school regularly as good attendance promotes better learning and better grades.  Each quarter we present three mountain bicycles, three helmets, numerous backpacks and book bags to qualifying students.  Starting in June, 2016, we also present to all graduating 6th graders at each school, with perfect attendance and no tardies for the entire school year, a tablet computer.


This program has resulted in a large increase in school attendance at these two schools.


We are requesting your help with tax deductible donations for this program.  Make your donation to:

Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge No. 366

Bicycle Program

2992 E. Clinton Ave.

Fresno, CA  93703-2320

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