The 1946 version of the California Masonic Funeral was adopted after the conclusion of WW II.  It was used until the current version was adopted in October of 1955.  By this time, it was extremely rare for a funeral to take place in the home of the deceased and funerals in Lodge Temples were being replaced by funerals at funeral homes or churches.  The formal Masonic funeral street procession was discontinued and if the funeral was not held at the Lodge Temple, lodge did not have to be formally opened before the funeral and then closed after the funeral.  The only mention of the lambskin apron is that the ceremonial apron is placed on the casket before the funeral so that the Master can walk to the casket, pick up the apron and give the apron speech.  Nothing is said about what is done with the deceased's apron as was the case in the prior rituals.


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