The 1929 California Masonic Funeral Ritual softened the subject of death which was quite harshly dealt with in the previous funeral ritual. 

The talk about the lamb-skin apron is expanded, but what is done with the lamb-skin apron remains the same as in the earlier ritual.

In the "Soft and Safe to Thee" at the end of the service reference is still made to the "cassia sprig".  Today we refer to it as the acacia sprig.

From the instructions at the front of the ritual manual, it is clear that the service is to take place in the Lodge room or some type of chapel.  At the end of the service it is clear that the service is taking place at the cemetery or mausoleum.  What is unclear is when the casket, mourners and Lodge members go to the place of interment.

This funeral ritual was used until it was replaced in 1946.

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