In 1902 a California Mason named James Wright Anderson PM published a book that contained all of the public rituals of the California Grand Lodge.  A copy of this book was found in an antique store in Sebastopol, California.  It is from this book that the following copy of the earliest to be found California Masonic Funeral Ritual was taken.  The book does not say when the ritual was first adopted, but it is implied that this ritual had been in use for some time.

In the early 1900's people did not live as long as they do today and the subject of death was more openly talked about.  Therefore, this ritual deals with death in a very forward "in your face" manner.  When you are reading this ritual, pay particular attention to the duties of all brethren present as well as the description of the lamb-skin apron and to what is done with the deceased's lamb-skin apron after the Master finishes his recitation about it. 

This ritual was used until it was replaced in October of 1929.

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